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Denver SEOEveryone wonders what’s the secret to good SEO? Well there really are no secrets, just a few rules to follow

Well with the Search Engine’s switching rules & requirements constantly changing from month to month, & without them posting what they change, it keeps one sometimes wondering.Although I’ve been doing it for 30 years, some sites are trouble to start with but everything is fixable.

Some SEO Rules we try to live by here at

  • Submit regularly.  Don’t over submit but regular submissions into the Search Engines are very important!
  • Make sure there are no programming errors on the pages coding.
  • Misspellings can & will work against you!  Make sure their are no spelling errors.
  • Flash & or Java Script may be mad & higher rankings are very touchy on this subject.
  • Make sure META tags are readable & coded correctly!
  • Make sure pictures, photos, & all graphics are coded with an ALT tag.
  • Page titles, descriptions, must have keywords included.

Now every page of the Website can be coded for the Search Engines.  There’s a file you can put on the Server called ROBOTS.TXT , What this file does is tell the Search Engines how to index the Website! (It actually programs their Bot when it get’s to your Website.

Anyhow, I hope you may have learned something on this subject.  I’ve never really been one to keep a secret & I’m happy to share whatever knowledge I have with everyone!

I may or may not be updating this post perhaps so if you have any questions simply email me!

If you need some help with your SEO on your Website, just let me know!

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