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Year’s ago I ran a Bulletin Board System (BBS), the kind that you dialed your computer into.  You used a terminal software & dialed into the system & it was kinda like the Internet (before there was an Internet.  There were quite a few of them in those days & mine had a cool name called The WALL.

It had quite a few areas to help you with various things like Computers, Gardening,  Auto Repair, Books, Movies, various information & lots of Downloads & all kinds of other things.  There was a group of System Administrators like myself, who often helped each other with the programming of these Servers.  Governments, Organizations, Everyone were on these systems!  It was kind of like the way the Internet is now only smaller.  These Servers, Pages,all had to manually coded & programmed which is how I started getting into programming.

For those of you that are interested, I’ve been doing websites on the Internet since about 1995.    Internet wasn’t even available at the start.
Since I was an “Official AOL Employee”, American Online became FREE. I started doing pages in Notepad using regular HTML code. I thought it was cool the way I could actually code colors into my words and pages. Since then I have actually became a fanatic at building pages and graphic designing. I now do Internet Designs, Promotions, and other sorts of advertising. I do a whole lot of awesome work and I have a TON of references and samples.

My Website is not only paid, created, & powered by me, but is totally built & run by myself.  The first page has quotes & graphics from not only some of my favorite authors, but also stuff from some of the movies I love!

I used to re-build this Website about every 6 months to a year.  I work quite a bit on clients Websites all the time and have 18 other sites to maintain & promote that’s fairly time consuming it itself.

I’m currently are located in Aurora, Colorado but I can travel with no problems but I do work all over the planet so we can do everything pretty much over the Internet! I love what I do, and have been working with the Internet since about 1994. Please take your time browsing my site, and if you have any questions about anything at all, then please feel free to ask!

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