We Barter Products & Services

I work with the “BARTER” System all the time! I can trade my skills for all types of Treasures, Products, Services, etc..
This site is #1 in EVERY SEARCH ENGINE, Everywhere out of MILLIONS and I can do the same for you and I’m willing to trade for all kinds of treasures!!

Let’s use the old system of doing things!  Trade & Barter!

This is just some examples of things I like so all things are possible:
Here’s a list of things I could possibly use: LED Flatscreen TV’s, Tools, Hand tools, Power tools, Paintgun, Tools of all sorts, Ladders, Compressors, Generators, Art stuff, statues, Totem Poles, Paintings, Collectables, Painting stuff and lessons (all kinds of art I’m interested in.), PC monitors, E-book systems Nooks, etc. . ) iPads, iPad mini, (Other types too) Cell phones, Fish tanks, Birds, Sports equip, Ham radios, Stereo systems,  Speakers, swords, knives, guns, electronic items, Fishing equipment, Float Tubes, Hunting equipment, Camping stuff, Musical Instruments, outdoor equipment, patio furniture, etc. .   Anyhow, anything may be possible & everything is a possibility!

 If you have something I can use, we can make partial or even a full trade depending on what your stuff is worth. On SEO, I charge $350 a year, per Website so please keep that in mind when wanting to trade.

NOTE:  I’d really love to help everyone, but if I can’t use the item or services then I’m sorry so perhaps think hard & creative, & it’s not a problem so keep throwing ideas at me.

Big Blue Moon Developing