SEO on Huge Websites

OK, SEO or Promoting large Websites create a different set of rules to use-

Something called a “SITE MAP” is  usually used.

Now its fairly easy submitting a small site because forcing Search Engines to index can simply be done by submitting the URL(s), & getting the Search Engine to come & index it for you.

Now If you use whats called a SITE MAP, all of your pages should start indexing automatically in a few months as long as the pages are Keyworded & the site is submitted into the Search Engines!

Now most huge sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Wallmart. . . the list goes on & on, don’t submit or SEO the entire site but the engines crawl this using the Website Sitemap.

To do this all you need is the SITE MAP files & submit the Website regularly.

Asking companys  to SEO all of your products & pages will only put you out as a target for a greedy SEO company.

Here’s a Free Generator that will let you create a Sitemap, then the file just has to be put on the Server & as long as the pages are good as far as coding errors, all the photos ALT tags are setup all you need to do is start submitting the Website.

Let me know if I can help you, I do all type sites & have 3 SEO packages on my Website.  (This is per year also):  $1388 is my Max price &  do a great job!

Here’s some more info if you wish to read up on Site Maps:

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