Donations & Payments

I usually use PAYPAL because I deal with so many different Websites outside of the United States which makes it easy for everyone to pay since most already have a Paypal account.  Also, you don't need a Paypal account to pay one of my invoices either.

If you happen to need a special invoice for some work I preformed, just e-mail me at:

And I'll be happy to get sent out to you!

Besides Paypal, I also take the following Crypto Currencies (Get a 10% Discount for using BitCoin):

How can you purchase Bitcoin?  [More Info Here]

Bitcoin Accepted

Etherium: 0x1519D0F408DD333892Ea24F14396B81F52BBfd1e


Consumer research conducted in nine countries has found that the online giant is the most trusted by consumers to handle personal financial data when making mobile payments.


PAYPAL: Has earned consumers' trust

PayPal is the brand consumers most trust with their personal financial data when it comes to making payments with their mobile phones, new research conducted has found.

In a study of consumers in nine countries around the world, PayPal was found to have high levels of trust and consideration thanks to its existing remote mobile payment services.

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