Free Help for Non-Profits

Have a Children’s Non-Profit that you could use some help with?  Need some SEO or Web Design work for your Website?  Need a Logo, Letterheads, Brochures?
Whatever you need, if your a legitimate Children’s Non-Profit then perhaps I can help you get visitors to your Website, or possibly even help you design or even fix your existing Website!

Since 1995 I have ALWAYS offered FREE Help for Children’s Non-Profits, and I hope this encourages people with businesses and extra time on their hand to do the same and help children whenever and where ever they are!
There are so many people that donate so much time out of their busy lives helping others without asking for anything in return!

Homeless Families & Teens in the US are starting to be a huge problem here in the US. Unemployment at an all time high, Kids running from a terrible family life (who knows what they go through without walking in their shoes) If you see a teen or a family that needs a helping hand, please offer one.

Some of these kids have no choice but to be where they are and this can happen to anyone regardless of where you are in your life right now!

Please Help Support these Children's Charities
Ronald McDonald House:
Make A Wish:
Big Blue Moon Developing