Security Evaluations

Network Security

SecurityNetwork, & Internet Security at it’s best! Don’t get milked dry by Security companies that wont stop problems dead due to them receiving a paycheck every month!  We’ll evaluate, & tell you honestly the good or bad, plain truth.  Over the past 30 years not only have we helped design most of these systems, but most of all we have had fun exploiting them over the years too! (You cant learn if you don’t play)

Whether it’s your private Network, Servers, Vendors access, or whatever. . more then likely we’ve exploited something very similar at some time or another!


Strong security starts with design. Defense-in-depth, adherence to least privilege, secure by default, and other security tenants play crucial roles in strengthening networks and applications against targeted attacks.

Once built, an implementation may suffer from logic flaws, design failure, misconfigurations, or bugs that could lead to compromise. It is essential to vet a product or network implementation.

Products and networks evolve, as do business processes, attacks, and adversarial approaches. Maintaining strong security requires the structured reassessment of a changing technology and ecosystem.

Our skilled analysts can temporarily augment your workforce to mitigate found issues, harden systems, strengthen networks, or create the necessary plans and policies for continued security.

Not your product or network?  BigBlueMoon can provide assessments of third-party applications and infrastructures on your behalf. Ensure your vendors are secure.

SecurityBigBlueMoon not only assesses, but can manage the iterative assessment and hardening timeline for your many vendors, keeping you abreast of their progress and current security posture. Ensure your vendors stay secure.

Combine forces with like suppliers to create a program to ensure that shared vendors are providing your industry with the appropriate level of security.

BigBlueMoon and delivers custom training modules ranging from general security best practices to advanced network security and secure software development practices. Our training is designed to best fit your organization.

As part of our assessment process, we can help your organization prepare or apply for any number of compliance or accreditation programs.


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