Denver SEOBasic:   1 Year Only $549.95

SEO, Best in the West since ’95 only $549.95 per Domain

SEO:  If you already have a Website, I can also show you how to promote it with not only the Search Engines but with other advertising programs like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, advertising systems. (My Website is #1 Under: Denver Webmaster in ALL the Search Engines)

(If you have a Children’s Non-Profit, then I will be happy to help you for free)
We’ll I’m reliable, bond-able, & able to pass a background check if your data is sensitive! Give me a call or drop me an email or text!

(If you have a Children’s Non-Profit, then I will be happy to help you for free)
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Please Note:  The Above Special Packages are Limited to Smaller Websites that are only about 5-10 pages or less average!  If you need SEO to be done on larger Websites, please ask for a quote!

Descriptions of Features:

Coding Optimization
Will enhance your Website’s coding in order the help you achieve better rankings on the Search Engines.  99.8% of all the sites we have worked on need these adjustments for better ranking!
World Submission
World wide, global submissions that are submitted to every search engine we can find.  Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, AOL, etc. .
Local Submission
Local Area Submissions are what you see in Google, & Bing Map listings.  These are mainly for people searching for businesses that are located in their current area.
Full Submission Report
A Full & detailed submission report on the URL we submitted as well as the Category, Keywords, Descriptions, & as to what Search Engines we submitted to. (Some Search Engines we submit to just act as Doorways that need to funnel down.  Google alone is a Doorway & has 32 of it’s own Search Engines in language, demographics, etc. . . )
Full Ranking Report
Our Ranking report on your main Domain & under which Keywords & at what rank your found under, What position you held during the previous month, & New Listings!
Social Media Submission
Focused Submitting to the Search Engines of your main Social Multimedia pages,  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp,
Keywords Research
We can help you choose Keywords based on your products, services, categories, demographics, & new customers.
Full Site Optimization
Full coding, keywords, titles, descriptions, inserted, spanned across & throughout your Website, & a special indexable file that tells the Search Engines what “To & Not To” index. Total Website Optimization
Competitor Scanning
A Full Evaluation on your main competitors Website & Internet Advertising.


Basic:   1 Year Only $549.94

SEO Upgraded:   1 Year Only $699.90

Supreme SEO Upgrade:  $1399.80


Still got questions?  Please let me know if you’d like some assistance & we’d be very happy to help you!

You want to pay me more just for that, I appreciate it! I accept Tips! 

Ask them other companies how you find their Site on the Internet?  I been doing this stuff BEFORE the Internet even went public working for AOL so I know there’s no one been doing it longer for a fact!

I don’t think charging anyone a bullshit price for something that’s just so easy & has been getting easier the past 30+ years-  Any more then this just seems like I’m ripping people off.  I make pretty good money & this is just a small part of what I do on the Internet

To be totally honest, you wanna go pay more to someone that they cant even get their own Website up, Go For It!  Your just going to pay that & your Website still isn’t going to be on top just like the people that are doing your SEO for you!

You’d think these guys would get their OWN Website up first!  I’m #1 in my Search Words “Denver Webmaster”!  Where are they again?   Ya need to talk, give me a call bro, if it will make you feel better paying me $1500 a month for something that takes me only a few minutes then I appreciate it 😊 

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