Terms Of Service

Although for 30 years I have strive to make everyone happy, On Website designs I will keep doing the Website until everyone is happy over the 1st 30 days, if thats not enough then I actually don’t mind helping you at all either!

I don’t mind helping you do simple things like small, simple updates either.  Usually these only take me a few minutes at the most!  On the other hand though if I have to spend alot of time doing something on your Website, then it’s only fair that I get paid for it since I have to eat, & also have a family to support.

There will be NO REFUNDS on SEO-  Once I submit the site, it starts ranking, thats it pretty much!  I don’t mind changing your Keywords & resubmitting it for you at all, but in reality it’s kinda hard for me to take your Website back out of the Search Engines!  SEO is usually thrown in with Websites I design FREE for the 1st year anyhow (Just to get people started).

Some Sites are tough for me to get up, but I always hit my mark & I dont mind helping you if those are not the Keywords that are working for you!