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I’m a Web Designer in Denver Colorado. It’s a GREAT way to advertise! One things for certain, the Internet is growing, and growing, and growing! Be part of it! Get ready to expand like you never imagined.

A Custom designed, “Made in the USA” Website is just what your business needs! 
I can set you up the right way so your in full control of your Website and Domain. From start to finish were right by your side! And after the job is done? We stick around just to make sure your OK.
All of our ideas are original, and at most times amusing. Music, Links, and Graphics will accompany your information making your site, not only informative, but also attractive and pleasing to view.

There are plenty of multimedia options that can enhance your website! Video, sounds, and pictures along with your company information, will help in making you a great looking site!

We can even get your information translated into 33 different languages!

 Websites Designers Websites DesignersWeb sites are a fantastic way to communicate. A web site will allow you to get an audio, visual message across, whatever the message may be.
Build your site 100% Custom, or use one of the many “Out of the Box” Packages like : Joomla. WordPress, Drupal, RubyOnRails, or one of the many others.  Here’s an example of one of mine:  http://crazycopycat.com/wordpress/  This Website not only pays for itself, but I get checks from Google for a small advertising box!  (No Kidding)

Besides helping you build a Website, I can help you do other things like manage it yourself, and even help you promote it with the Search Engines!  By also linking your Website to Social Media outlets can also get your Web site moving fairly quickly.

Prices sometimes vary from Site to Site, but usually run $100 per page with Sites like Joomla, WordPress, etc. . Starting at about $800 on up depending on content and features.

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