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Once again I've decided to rebuild this Website-  Over the past 30+ years I've probably rebuilt this site 30+ times at least! Like the clothes you wear, I just get bored and like to switch things up a bit. (You don't wear the same clothes every day do you?!) Over the years I've built some of the Baddest Ass sites on the entire Web-  (No Kidding).

  A Denver WebmasterThe past couple years I've been getting spoiled on creating sites using Wordpress, but it lacks the power of shit you can do on other systems, particularly Joomla which is the main reason I'm switching back over after the past 2 years.  The reason other developers don't use this system is because it's a very tough system to use, learn, & build with!

Anyhow, this site should be back up in a couple weeks as I'm moving Servers, Websites, etc, as I update and upgrade my systems- (I'm actually looking forward to building this site again using the NEW Joomla system!  They've made some really cool advancements with some of the abilities Joomla has.)

If your looking to take your business to the next level, reach a totally new level in your business, then come in & look around & give us a try!

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