Computer & Network Setups

Computer & Network SetupNo matter what type of business you have here in the Denver Metro Area, you will more than likely need network cabling installation. The type of cabling you will need will depend on what you are using your computer for, but a good cable installation tech will be able to help you decide what type of cable you need, whether you use your computers primarily for email and writing up documents, or if you frequently need to transfer large files over the network.

Why Do I Need the Right Network Data Cables?

Computer & Network SetupIf you want your Denver Metro Area business operations to work as quickly as possible in order to maintain higher production rates, then you’ll need to have the best network data cables available for the type of work you’re doing. Even if you have the most up-to-date computers and file servers, you still won’t be able to transfer files and information quickly without the right network cables.

The ability of your computer to transfer files depends on both the processing speed of your computers and the speed of the internal network connections, which is determined by the type of network data cables that you have. Knowing which network cables will work best for you and your growing business is best determined by an expert in the field, using some of the following considerations.

Types of Network Data Cables (Wireless isn't the only option! Although it's convenient, nothing so far transfers data as fast as a hard line connection!)

Secure NetworkKnowing which type of cables is best for your network is only part of the answer. Security of that network will help you keep everything secure!

Cat5 cables. This is the most basic type of cable available that is already in many businesses. It can handle speeds of about 10 – 100 megabit per second. It has also been known to have some interference problems but still good enough for most installations.

Cat5e cables. The “e” here stands for enhanced, and this type of cabling is also known as gigabit cabling because it can handle up to 1 gigabit (1000 megabytes) per second. Because it also experiences a lot less interference, it is a lot more reliable than the Cat5 cables. Most businesses can use this type of cable if they are using it primarily for email, internet, document sharing, and up to medium-sized graphic files.

Cat6 cables. These cables can handle speeds all the way up to 10 gigabit for short distances. This type is best for businesses that frequently need to share large files such as video files, making it ideal for companies that work in film production or IT, or companies that have a constantly high volume of information being transferred.

Cat6a cables. The “a” here stands for augmented, and this type has the same 10 gigabyte speed of the Cat6 cables, but are able to perform with less interference over longer distances. This type of cabling should be used in businesses that require the higher speeds of the Cat6 cables but have an office layout that requires the use of longer cables.


Network Security

Network Security
Network Security

30 + Years Experience!Computer network security is every important, as cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and continue to evolve, static technologies can't keep up. Soiled solutions fragment your defenses. It takes intelligence and precision to stop cyber attacks and unknown threats. Computer security and information security is high on most organization list.

BigBlueMoon.us Consulting is ushering in a new era of security operations and response with the industry’s first overall security program. This innovative, end-to-end  computer network security operations and response architecture leverages advanced technology and dark web data detection technology to provide rapid and accurate security insights and response across endpoint, network, cloud and users.

IT staff and network security teams have never faced more pressure. Attacks and breaches are coming from all angles, compromising an ever-growing universe of assets. But with the right tools and strategies, you can secure your IT infrastructures to detect (and solve) problems before they become disasters, reduce downtime and improve performance.


Social Media

One of the critical aspects of digital marketing, is social media engagement. Social Media engagement helps businesses reach current and potential customers easily.

BigBlueMoon.us will help you build your brand with engaging content and posts. Our team of highly skilled Social Media consultants are well-versed in both marketing methodologies and content development.

An optimized Social Media program can dramatically increase brand awareness and expand your audience.

Increase Brand Awareness
Mouth Publicity works better than any advertising strategy. On social media, High ‘Relevant Followers Count’ leads to higher chances of Mouth publicity of your product means likely higher sales & Higher revenue. And We help you in Targeting Accurate Online Audience.

Building Better Relations
In the Social Media world, the engagement ratio helps you to measure your connection-depth with your targeted audience which is calculated through likes, comments & other activities on social media posts. We will help you in getting more.
High Engagement Ratio = Likely Higher Sales

High Website Traffic
Content Discovery Points are higher on Social media than Search Engines, means there are higher chances of Sales & Revenue. We will focus on developing your Social Media Advertising Campaign & even Retargeting ads to drive high Traffic Volume to your Website.



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Graphic & Animation Services We Offer:

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Graphics & Logos

Did you know it takes only 10 seconds for a consumer to judge a brand? It starts with the logo. And we make sure it makes an impact.

A minimal investment but gives you something credible for your seasonal campaign, sole proprietorship or social media. Bring a custom identity to your marketing with this logo package. This package is perfect for you to whet your appetite and get started.

You’ve got a professional skill set and service and you want to brand it with a unique logo, you’re at the right place. With this package we’ll create a professionally designed logo for you as well as provide with copyrights which you can use on all of your social media platforms and your website.

Let BigBlueMoon.us be your professional brand caretakers. We create aesthetically pleasing and positive impression making Denver logo designs at affordable rates. We make sure that your custom logo Design and brand is perfectly aligned with your mission statement and your purpose. Specifically designed for your target audience.


  • Lettermark and Initials
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  • Abstract and Handwritten
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